Decrypt project

Project lead: ECTEG

Project partners: Europol, European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, CEPOL, Universitá Del Piemonte Orientale (Italy), Politécnico de Leiria (Portugal), Universidad de Almería (Spain).

Funded by the Internal Security Fund (ISF) – Police grant under the work programme for 2018, a group of ECTEG experts from diverse backgrounds and EU Member States created a set of courses on lawful decryption (eDecrypt and Decrypt Basics, Decrypt Advanced). They have integrated and updated the content developed as individual modules considering feedback from their pilot deliveries.

The 2023-2025 Decrypt Square (DecryptSQ) project and its programme are in strong synergy with the aforementioned actions and the European Commission’s efforts to improve Europol-EC3’s decryption resources. It will integrate the existing and future guidelines and standards in the training course materials.

These courses aim to provide a sustainable training package to allow EU Member States to develop their lawful decryption capacity building at the regional and national level.

ECTEG and its partners will update and refine the training materials elaborated under the previous iterations of the Decrypt project, running further pilots of the courses and “Train-the-Trainers” formations in cooperation with CEPOL, Europol and/or other relevant entities, and support the deployment of the courses at national and regional level in the EU Member States.