No More Ransom

ECTEG joined in July 2021 as a supporting partner of No More Ransom (NMR) a non-commercial and non-political public-private partnership between law enforcement and industry leaders launched in July 2016. Its central governance is currently managed by the four founding members: Europol, the High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ Police, McAfee and Kaspersky.

Through, the project aims to:

  • assist victims in the recovery of their encrypted files;
  • raise awareness of the problem of ransomware in the public arena;
  • provide direct links to national police agencies worldwide to encourage citizens to report the cases.

With its 170 partners, the NMR online portal hosts a collection of 121 free decryption tools from multiple security software vendors, covering 151 ransomware families. Users from around the world can access the tools for free to recover data held hostage by ransomware attacks. NMR decryption tools have so far kept around USD 900 million out of the pockets of cybercriminals. Its decryption tools have been downloaded over 6M times, and are available to a wide audience through the free, centralised user-friendly platform of No More Ransom.

Ransomware has grown to become one of the largest cyber threats facing businesses and consumers, a menace that continues to grow and adapt. The No More Ransom project recognises that the fight against ransomware requires a joint effort, and the involvement of ECTEG represents an ongoing commitment in the fight against cybercrime.

ECTEG is developing dedicated training for Law Enforcement to be better equipped in terms of technical and operational knowledge in the fight against ransomware. If you are a Law Enforcement officer, check out the training catalogue of ECTEG and get in touch with us.

If you become a victim, do not pay! Report the crime and check NMR for decryption tools, and read all the prevention advice on the NMR website.