ECTEG trainers meeting 2018

First ECTEG trainers meeting was organised in October 2018 to strengthen computer forensics training capacities at EU and national level with support from CEPOL, Europol-EC3 and Council of Europe.

ECTEG trainers (some)

The 22 trainers, coming from all around EU and beyond, got access to the new materials and were requested to review the quality of the content and the pedagogical approach. Other trainers were not able to attend, involved in training delivery activities at national or international level.

Introductory Open Source IT Forensics
This course was updated in June 2018 reviewed the new version, including the new exercises based on an investigation scenario.
Live Data Forensics
This extremely popular course created three years ago, was updated in September 2018 to address new OS features.
This course , fully e-learning, was made available in September 2018 in the English only version, including some serious gaming components.
ECTEG e-learning development platform
E-learning becomes an essential component for basic, intermediate and advanced IT crime and computer forensics training. Recently ECTEG set up a server dedicated to the development e-learning packages. The open source and free software facilitate reuse of other existing materials developed by ECTEG members and collaborative development.

With the acquired knowledge they are able to contribute to future ECTEG course development and/or create their own national or local e-learning modules.