ECTEG trainers meeting – October 2018

Law Enforcement Agencies as well as International Organisations deliver trainings based on ECTEG materials and are often looking for qualified and experienced trainers on the delivered topic.

If you are a trainer or topic experts motivated to support capacity building efforts on fighting cyber crime and improving Law Enforcement digital forensics expertise, you are invited to attend the meeting organised by ECTEG from 22th to 26th of October 2018 to strengthen computer forensics training capacities at EU and national level. The meeting will introduce you to the following topics:

Introductory Open Source IT Forensics
This course was updated in June 2018 and the trainers will have access to the new version, including the new exercises based on an investigation scenario. Two weeks after the meeting, the course will be delivered to 60 attendees from EU LEA during a joint Europol-EC3 CEPOL course organised in Budapest too.
Live Data Forensics
This extremely popular course created three years ago, was recently updated to address new OS features. Trainers will have access to the new materials.
ECTEG e-learning development platform
E-learning becomes an essential component for basic, intermediate and advanced IT crime and computer forensics training. Recently ECTEG set up a server dedicated to the development e-learning packages. The open source and free software facilitate reuse of other existing materials developed by ECTEG members and collaborative development.

During the meeting, the attendees will learn on how to get access to the service and how to use the basic e-learning components to develop their own e-learning module. With the acquired knowledge they then will be able to contribute to future ECTEG course development and/or create their own national or local e-learning modules.

Candidates are expected to:

  • be Police Officer or working for a Law Enforcement Agency from EU or EEA
  • have an operational experience and a sound knowledge about Computer Forensics,
  • be able to communicate in English with the coordinators and the other participants
  • have an experience as trainer
Strongly advised
  • sound use of open source software and Linux based software
  • be actively involved in computer forensics training delivery at national level or international level
  • be volunteer to contribute as trainer in future course delivery organised by ECTEG partners : Europol, CEPOL, OSCE, Council of Europe, UNODC

Practical information and registration

The meeting will be organised by ECTEG with the kind support of CEPOL. Flights and accommodation will be booked and prepaid by ECTEG.

Candidates are invited to register by September 6th 2018. Twenty candidates will be selected, based on their experience and repartition between EU/EEA LEA, other candidates will be on a reserve list.

All candidates who meet the criteria (EU LEA, computer forensic experience, use of open source software, involvement in training activities at national or international level) will be contacted by September 10th and selected candidates will then invited to provide additional information to arrange administrative details.