Scenario project

Project lead:

   Norwegian Police University College

In partnership with:

   Canterbury Christ Church University
   Norwegian Police Service
   Police and Border Guard Board of Estonia

With contribution of experts from:


Due to the quite extensive growth in the ECTEG course portfolio, it would be very time consuming to create scenarios per course. A better approach would be to synchronise the needs for new and more up to date evidence for lab exercises.

The scenario will be modular in such way that it will be easy to implement certain parts of it into a training package.This transversal project will support upgrade of all the ECTEG training packages. Moreover, the project will establish a sustainable cycle where adjustments to the scenario and the associated evidence will be provided by creating a framework for future updates of the scenarios.This project will:

    • Create a methodology for scenario creation and upgrades
    • Establish a repository for scenario modules
      • Scenario description
      • Description of traces
      • Possibilities for implementation in course packages
      • Disk Image Files
      • Virtual appliances

Once validated, scenario materials will be made available to develop courses at international and national level.