The ECTEG, Global Cybercrime Certification Project (GCC) and the e-First Project

23/07/2019 - 23/07/2019


Hosted by the Abertay University in collaboration with the Scottish Institue for Policing Reseach, presentation by Carlota Urruela of the ECTEG group, and the Global Cybercrime Certification and e-First projects.

Cybercrime is dynamic and transnational in nature, so a comprehensive and harmonised approach to the fight against cybercriminality is paramount. With a phenomenon that is usually multi-jurisdictional, capacity building is of utmost relevance, establishing working partnerships with all relevant stakeholders and strengthening cross-border international cooperation and trust among practitioners. In this regard, the European Cybercrime Training and Education Group (ECTEG), funded by the European Commission, brings together members from the Law Enforcement and Academia creating course materials and supporting capacity building efforts in the fight against cybercrime. Carlota will talk about two relevant initiatives funded by ECTEG – the Global Cybercrime Certification Project (GCC) and the e-First Project. The main goal of the GCC project is to create an international cybercrime certification framework based on the European Training Competency Framework (TCF) for Law Enforcement Agents and Judicial Authorities, contributing to the harmonisation of EU/global cybercrime standards. The e-First Project developed a “first responders e-learning” package focusing on essential IT forensics and IT crime knowledge. Translated in over 12 languages, it will allow first-line law enforcement agents to identify and seize potential electronic evidence, to gain awareness on cybercrime, as well as to assist victims of such crimes.

Carlota Urruela is currently project manager and researcher at the Institute for Forensic and Security Sciences of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (ICFS-UAM), where she has coordinated several EU funded projects in the field of cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime. She graduated in Psychology and holds an MSc in Crime Analysis and Prevention. Carlota is currently a doctoral researcher in Psychology.


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