Windows Forensics

Title: Vista & Windows 7 Forensics
Year: Jan 2010 – Version 1.0
Duration: 1 week

this course in an ongoing update to Windows 10

Course Aim

To provide students with forensic sound knowledge about Microsoft Windows Vista regarding the installation and configuration as a forensic platform, the aspects of Vista live forensics and the investigation of Vista data carrier.


  • Advanced technical knowledge is assumed and the students should have a good understanding of computer forensics and forensic software applications (e.g. X-Ways Forensics, FTK, EnCase, TSK).
  • It is essential that students have a good working knowledge of the English language as the lessons will be delivered in English. A sample from the course notes will be sent prior to the course for the students to self-assess their English language ability.
  • Students will need to be able to understand and communicate in English.

Small list of agenda / topics / main points

  • Install and configure a Vista platform for forensic computing purposes
  • Run through live data forensics on Vista machines
  • ../.. undisclosed topics
  • Use the power of the command-line interface to acquire volatile data

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