Solid State and other Storage media Forensic

Title: Solid State and other Storage media Forensic Course
Duration: 1 week

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to provide students with general and practical knowledge of SSD and other FLASH-Memory devices at an intermediate level. Training will encompass latest best practice, technologies and techniques available to Law Enforcement Specialists.
Topics include:

  • Numbering Systems,
  • Partition Tables,
  • Filesystems FAT & NTFS,
  • SSD Basic Technologies, Features and Forensic Issues,
  • FLASH-Memory chip-off,
  • FLASH-Memory dump analysis.


Students have to work in a computer forensic position and have to feel comfortable in using at least one computer forensic tool (EnCase, X-Ways Forensics, FTK, etc.). They need to be experienced in technical English language due to the complexity of the topic and should be able to take part in conversations.

Small list of agenda / topics / main points

Content includes:

  • Numbering Systems
  • Partitions and other file system artefacts
  • FAT and NTFS File Systems
  • SSD-Techniques and Forensic Issues
  • Which steps are done inside a controller?
  • Understanding memory image
  • Looking at the service area
  • NAND interleaving
  • PC3000 commands
  • Chip-off
  • RAID Forensics
  • Game Consoles Forensics

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