C1b3rWall Academy Giveaway

C1b3rWall Academy 2020 Giveaway Rules

  1. This giveaway is led by the organising team of the free online course C1b3rWallAcademy with email address congresociberwall@policia.es
  2. The term to participate in said giveaway begins with the publication of the explanatory tweet of the giveaway by the organization through its profile @C1b3rWall on July 20, 2020 at 20:00 AM (GMT + 2) and it ends on Friday, July 24, 2020 at 17:00 PM (GMT + 2).
  3. Any person interested in joining the aforementioned course can participate in it, the content of the course is explained on the web pages
    https://www.ecteg.eu/c1b3rwall-academy-es/ and https://www.ecteg.eu/ c1b3rwall-academy-en
  4. The mechanism of participation will be of random drawing among the Twitter profiles that have retweeted (once, without comment and within the aforementioned period) the tweet published by @C1b3rWall in which this giveaway is indicated (Monday, 20 July 2020 at 20:00 GMT + 2) and that are also followers of said profile and that the creation date of their Twitter profile is prior to the publication of the giveaway tweet on July, 20, 2020.
  5. The prize is 25 applications for enrolment in order to complete the C1b3rWallAcademy 2020 training under the same conditions as the rest of the people already registered. These registrations are free.
  6. Once the term of the giveaway has ended, those randomly chosen will be contacted by Direct Message on the aforementioned Twitter platform (if the profile does not have this option enabled, the user will lose the right to request registration as the winner of the contest). They will be requested to provide a contact email address (in the case of remaining interested in registering at C1b3rWallAcademy) and they will be sent an individualised document by email, which they must fill out and send to the email address indicated above (for its processing with the person responsible for the treatment referred to the course ) for the organization to proceed to enrol the person in the Moodle platform of the course https://c1b3rwall.ecteg.eu/ as a student. This document may not be altered by the person contacted except to include the data requested by the organization, nor may it be disseminated to third parties.
  7. This document will be sent, as a proof of the registration request, by the winner within a maximum period of three calendar days from the day after the notification of the election as such by the organization of C1b3rWall Academy from the email congresociberwall@policia.es. Otherwise, the chosen person will lose the right to request enrolment in the aforementioned course, not transferring that right to a third party since there will be no list of substitutes.
  8. The data included in that document will only be used by the organizers for the indicated purpose and the winner must accept said data processing as established in current regulations. Therefore, in the document sent to the organization, the person must expressly consent ECTEG to store his/her provided information and processes it in response to his/her request to participate in the C1b3rWall Academy event. Their personal data will be shared, processed and saved exclusively by ECTEG and the Spanish National Police School for the purpose and duration of the organization, coordination, comments and security of the event. In turn, he/she will give consent to be contacted by email in case a security check is needed, being aware that he/she can contact dpo@ecteg.eu for any request related to GDPR.
  9. These bases are accepted by the participants at the time of participation in the giveaway. In the same way, those elected must accept the general conditions of participation in the aforementioned training.
  10. Likewise, participants must respect the rules and policies of the aforementioned Twitter platform.
  11. The winners will be announced on Twitter by publishing one or more tweets mentioning, exclusively, their profile name in said platform.