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This page refers to the information of C1b3rWall Academy 2020. To access the information and registration of the current edition of 2021, please go to: https://c1b3rwallacademy.usal.es/

C1b3rWall Academy is a formative action framed within the C1b3rWall project, which took its first steps in 2018 and materialised with the I Congress on Digital Security and Cyberintelligence organised in June 2019 at the headquarters of the Spanish National Police School in Ávila (Spain). The event counted with almost 4,000 attendees from the public security sector, academia, professional hacking communities and highly relevant companies in the cybersecurity sector.

To maintain the synergy generated in the 2019 conference permanently active is the main objective of the project since all the aforementioned actors play a very important role in the field of cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime. Without the joint efforts of all of them, it would be even more difficult to combat cybercrime, as cybercriminals don’t distinguish between public and private sectors.

We believe that training and education in cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime, together with the joint action of the actors involved, are the fundamental basis to combat current crime. Therefore, the C1b3rWall project now expands its activities with a new version of what has been experienced in the facilities of the Spanish National  School last year, but this time in an online format. This way, with C1b3rWall Academy the project aims to support online education during the COVID crisis providing a quality public service delivered by the best professionals in the field.

As already indicated, cybercrime does not know any borders, for this reason, and due to the need to incorporate international experts to further raise the quality of training, this first edition of C1b3rWallAcademy counts with the support of the European Cybercrime Training and Education Group (ECTEG), which provides its training platform. The Spanish National Police School and ECTEG will acknowledge the attendance to the course with the issuance of the corresponding diploma.

Hoping to achieve the objective of providing a quality public service that allows us to combat the threats of cyberspace, we invite you to register and enjoy with us the knowledge that great experts will provide in their presentations.


This training action is divided into 15 modules with the most relevant and most current interest topics.

Each module, in turn, contains different presentations developed by the great cybersecurity and cybercrime professionals who collaborate with C1b3rWall and who allow creating a fairly complete image of the topics covered in each module.

Each module will be launched with an approximate frequency of 15 days to allow for the most comfortable monitoring of the course. The published contents will remain available for subsequent consultations.

There will be no exams or delivery of exercises requested.

Please, take into account, that the order of publication of the modules may vary.

Module Available from
 1. Introduction June 2020
 2. Wireless Communications June 2020
 3. Principles of cryptography and steganography to be confirmed
 Security and Infrastructures to be confirmed
 Digital Forensic Analysis to be confirmed
 Introduction to programming to be confirmed
 Cyberintelligence – OSINT to be confirmed
 APT and threats to be confirmed
Legal Hacking to be confirmed
 Blue Team to be confirmed
Red Team to be confirmed
Artificial Intelligence and Security to be confirmed
Networks and architectures to be confirmed
Cryptocurrencies to be confirmed
Disinformation and Privacy to be confirmed





Casimiro Nevado
Escuela Nacional de Policía de España
Carlos Loureiro
Policía Nacional de España