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ECTEG trainers annual meeting


For the second time, the ECTEG trainers meeting was organised in Budapest, kindly hosted by CEPOL.

Twenty-five trainers from Law Enforcement and other organisations gathered

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All Digital Week


The pan-European ALL DIGITAL Week is an annual digital empowerment campaign run at digital competence centres, libraries, schools, community centres and non-profits across

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ENISA releases online NIS Directive tool showing per sector the national authorities for operators of essential services and digital service providers

The NIS Directive tool is intended as a one-stop shop for experts from the industry linking to relevant ENISA work, national cybersecurity strategies, the CSIRT network, and the NIS Cooperation group website.
This year all EU member states are implementing the NIS directive in their countries. The NIS Directive is the first piece of EU-wide cybersecurity

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ECTEG trainers meeting 2018

First ECTEG trainers meeting was organised in October 2018 to strengthen computer forensics training capacities at EU and national level with support from CEPOL, Europol-EC3 and Council of Europe.

ECTEG trainers (some)

The 22 trainers, coming from all around EU and beyond, got access to the new materials and were requested to review the

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IOCTA 2018

Europol-EC3 published the new Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment.
Document may be downloaded from the Europol Website

Online Child Sexual Exploitation: Towards an Optimal International Response

New paper by Dr Victoria Baines is now published.

This research identifies opportunities for improvement in the international response to the range of criminal activities known as online child sexual exploitation (OCSE). Drawing on a review of academic and grey literature, and using the techniques of visioning and horizon scanning,

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Security Union: Commission facilitates access to electronic evidence

The Commission is proposing new rules to make it easier and faster for police and judicial authorities to obtain the electronic evidence, such as e-mails or documents located on the cloud, they need to investigate, prosecute and convict criminals and terrorists.

EU Commission website

CyberEX project pilot course candidates

The Belgium Federal Police, in partnership with the French Gendarmerie and the Université de Technologie de Troyes and with support from the Norwegian Police University College, all ECTEG members, finalised a comprehensive two weeks course for Law Enforcement Cybercrime specialists.
This course will become ECTEG materials  available by year 2019 for all Law Enforcement Agencies.
The project,

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Global Cybercrime Certification Project Kick Off Meeting

The Kick Off Meeting of the Global Cybercrime Certification Project is being held in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on the 19th and 20th of February.
During this meeting, the partners (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, University College Dublin, Albstadt-Singmaringen University and Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute) have been working on the project’s road map

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Common Taxonomy For Law Enforcement and CSIRTS

published by EUROPOL :
The objective of this document is to support the Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) and the Public Prosecutors in their dealing with Law Enforcement Agencies in cases of criminal investigations, by providing a common taxonomy for the classification of incidents, named Common Taxonomy for Law Enforcement and The National Network of

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@ecteg: importance of #standards in #digitalforensics & #evidenceexchange, promoting #existingtools, #governance, #profile of #FirstResponders in #judiciary, & their training, better understanding of #chainofcustody, and many more important aspects!Experience speaks for itself🔝

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity and Joint Research Centre @EU_ScienceHub discuss closer cooperation on #cybersecurity research. 👩🏻‍💻👨🏿‍🔬

Read all about it:!kd98qB

Our solution uses the #CASE language #standard for the #representation of the #information of the #evidence package (data and meta data related to an evidence) 🔜 a special session dedicated to #digital #evidenceexchange is taking place tomorrow morning!

Don't fall for #BEC Fraud 🛡️

✅ Strictly apply security procedures for payments
✅ Double-check email addresses when dealing with sensitive info
✅ Avoid opening suspicious links or attachments
✅ Restrict company info shared via #socialmedia


Building up: Electronic #Exchange of #Evidence in #EIO 👉 The first #multilingual demo of the #eEvidence Digital Exchange System managing EIO/ #MLA #procedures/#instruments (e-Forms, business logic, statistics, log, etc.) on #EU level!

We are looking for a #CyberCrime Training Officer #AD5 to manage assigned training portfolio + implement curriculum development + coordinate + provide policy advise 🕸️ Interested? Apply here:!Qb69GT
#EUjobs #shapingeuropetogether #eucareers #myeucareers

Help your child make smart decisions online 🚸 Check out the #Cybersimple resources 👉

Do you want to discover #coding? 💻 Or perhaps you already know the basics, but want to go deeper? 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Check out the @CodeWeekEU resources:

Le 28 janvier 2020, presque 400 personnes seront réunies à la conférence @cecyf_coriin, à @LilleGrandPalai dans le cadre du @FIC_eu. Pour accéder à la conférence, vous devrez impérativement vous inscrire au FIC : ainsi qu'à CoRIIN :

#Malware can easily infect your devices 🤒 Get to know the most common sources and #staysafeonline! #malwarebasics

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