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ECTEG December Online General Assembly


On the 15th and 16th of December 2020, we held our second annual General Assembly online. 
The event gathered 47 attendees, including ECTEG members

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C1b3rWall Academy 2020

ECTEG is proud to support the C1b3rWall Academy 2020 online event, organised by our members, Spanish National Police and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Registration was closed after that 40.000 registered in English or in Spanish.
If you got the invitation e-mail, please be reminded that the Event is accessible at

ECTEG trainers annual meeting


For the second time, the ECTEG trainers meeting was organised in Budapest, kindly hosted by CEPOL.

Twenty-five trainers from Law Enforcement and other organisations

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All Digital Week


The pan-European ALL DIGITAL Week is an annual digital empowerment campaign run at digital competence centres, libraries, schools, community centres and non-profits

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ENISA releases online NIS Directive tool showing per sector the national authorities for operators of essential services and digital service providers

The NIS Directive tool is intended as a one-stop shop for experts from the industry linking to relevant ENISA work, national cybersecurity strategies, the CSIRT network, and the NIS Cooperation group website.
This year all EU member states are implementing the NIS directive in their countries. The NIS Directive is the first piece of EU-wide cybersecurity

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ECTEG trainers meeting 2018

First ECTEG trainers meeting was organised in October 2018 to strengthen computer forensics training capacities at EU and national level with support from CEPOL, Europol-EC3 and Council of Europe.

ECTEG trainers (some)

The 22 trainers, coming from all around EU and beyond, got access to the new materials and were requested to review the

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IOCTA 2018

Europol-EC3 published the new Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment.
Document may be downloaded from the Europol Website

Online Child Sexual Exploitation: Towards an Optimal International Response

New paper by Dr Victoria Baines is now published.

This research identifies opportunities for improvement in the international response to the range of criminal activities known as online child sexual exploitation (OCSE). Drawing on a review of academic and grey literature, and using the techniques of visioning and horizon scanning,

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Security Union: Commission facilitates access to electronic evidence

The Commission is proposing new rules to make it easier and faster for police and judicial authorities to obtain the electronic evidence, such as e-mails or documents located on the cloud, they need to investigate, prosecute and convict criminals and terrorists.

EU Commission website

CyberEX project pilot course candidates

The Belgium Federal Police, in partnership with the French Gendarmerie and the Université de Technologie de Troyes and with support from the Norwegian Police University College, all ECTEG members, finalised a comprehensive two weeks course for Law Enforcement Cybercrime specialists.
This course will become ECTEG materials  available by year 2019 for all Law Enforcement Agencies.
The project,

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🚨 WE NEED YOUR HELP 🚨 We published a new series of images to solve child sexual abuse cold cases.

Support our Stop Child Abuse – Trace An Object by:
🔎 Checking these pics, you might recognise them
🔗 Sharing them with your contacts
🔁 RT

#today we celebrate #EuropeDay! Let's have a look at EU's work towards fostering security for all those living in Europe: the recently published 5-year strategy for boosting cooperation across the EU and for better use of digital tools for investigations!

Registration is still open! Encourage more cyber professionals in Africa to sign up!

Sign-up here.

@NayellyLoya_UN @MarieLine_UNODC @KamalUnodc @UNODC_WCAfrica @ONUDC_AfriqueOC @Amado_de_Andres

#didyouknow that our @GCC_EU project has its own Twitter account? You can follow the updates of the Global Cybercrime Certification Project, and get involved with this exciting project.

The first #livesession of the #CEPOL course on #OSINT and IT solutions 👩‍💻 👨‍💻 🧑‍💻 in cooperation with #ECTEG is ON!!!

72 years ago today, the #CouncilofEurope was born - based on #humanrights, #democracy and the #ruleoflaw. Starting with just 10 countries, they are now 47! #ECTEG wishes a very #happybirthday to @coe 🎂 🎂 🎂

📢#ENISA just published an updated version of the report on the progress of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and standardisation, introducing key concepts of PQC cryptography.

Find out more and download the report here👉!vC66pb #cybersecurity

With full support from the ECTEG to CEPOL by providing the course materials on advanced digital forensics #StrongerTogether

75 European Delegated Prosecutors from 16 countries are now appointed: the #EPPO College just appointed 15 from Italy 🇮🇹 and 4 from Portugal 🇵🇹. Getting closer to the start of our investigations!

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