Apple File System Forensics pilot course – Application

Office Information

Please include your experience with terminal, hex-viewers, file systems.
please provide professional e-mail address
As described in your invitation there is a four weeks e-learning period with a workload of approximately 30 working-hours prior to the actual training course in August. You will be evaluated after the e-learning in order to guarantee that the course provides added value. Active participation is expected throughout the whole training course and, consequently, appropriate English skills are essential for all participants as English will be the working language and participants are likely to be in a different group to other persons from their own country.
Please only submit your application if your acknowledge these important conditions.
GDPR compliance
Your personal data will be stored on the ECTEG server for the duration of the project during which you will have access and the right to change or delete these records by sending an e-mail to All personal data will be removed after the project is completed (estimated September 2019).